The Racial Compact


A call for Racial Preservation, Racial Independence, Racial Rights and Racial Good Will


Essays on a new concept of racial relations that promotes the continued existence, independence and legitimate rights and interests of all races, providing a preservationist alternative to the racially destructive consequences of multiracialism

1. Racial Diversity -- Defines racial diversity, the conditions that created it and the conditions that are required for its continuation. Revised July, 2007

2. Racial Rights -- Discusses the distinction between factual beliefs and ethical beliefs, and introduces The Racial Compact , an agreement to adopt and practice a concept of racial relations based on the principles of racial rights and preservation, promoting both the coexistence and continued existence of all the different races of humanity

3. The Charter of Racial Rights -- An enumeration and description of racial rights and discussion of related principles and ethical beliefs

4. Racial Nihilism -- Describes the currently dominant concept of racial relations that opposes racial preservation and promotes the destruction and annihilation, or reduction to nothing, of racial differences and different races

5. Right and Wrong Racism -- Discusses the varieties of racism, the different forms, motives and definitions, and draws a distinction between the moral and immoral forms

6. The Races of Humanity -- A discussion of human evolution, taxonomic categories, and outline of human racial classification. Revised August, 2019

7. The Nordish Race -- Defines the Northern European racial group, with a taxonomic outline of the different Nordish racial types, and describes the racial composition of the indigenous populations of the countries of Europe. Revised February, 2010

8. The Nordish Crisis -- A discussion of the racial problem that has become a racial crisis for the Northern European racial group, subjecting it to a process of racial dispossession and destruction. Revised February, 2010

9. Racial Population Projections -- A demographic table of the racial population of the United States from 1880 to 1992, and a table projecting the racial population to 2050, with explanatory text that describes the dynamics of racial population change

10. The Path of Destruction -- A discussion of the racially destructive effects of multiracialism on the Nordish race by dispossession, replacement and intermixture, and of the central role of racial nihilism in the promotion of this harmful process. Revised November, 2006

11. The Right to Racial Life -- Describes the ideology of racial preservationism and its conflict with racial nihilism

12. The Racial Golden Rule -- Applies the principle of "live and let live" to advance racial relations to a higher moral level in which the races of humanity can coexist and share the earth together in a spirit of mutual good will

13. Racial Average is Racial Destiny -- Presents and discusses a scale which quantifies the effects of intermixture between the Nordish race and other races, and thus the relative assimilability of other races by the Nordish race

14. Whom the Gods Would Destroy -- Describes racial nihilism and its destructive consequences in the classic and allegorical terms of madness

15. Racial Tender Loving Care -- A discussion of racial stewardship, the ethics of reproduction, and the role of love in the nurturing of a race

16. Separation: The Preservationist Imperative -- A discussion of the conditions of racial separation and reproductive isolation that are required for Nordish racial preservation

17. Many Mansions -- A vision of the future of humanity as "a house with many mansions," in which racial preservation and independence would be protected and promoted, making the world safe for human racial diversity

18. The Preservationist Alternative -- The racial preservationist solution to the race problem, the choice of racial life over racial death

19. Racial Partition for Racial Preservation -- Outlines a proposal for a racial partition of the United States for the purpose of racial preservation and independence, illustrated with a color map. Revised March, 2010.

20. Race: Reality and Denial -- Presents and explains the evidence for the reality of race and refutes the arguments by the proponents of multiracialism that race is not biologically real, but is merely a social or political construct. Added November, 2004. Revised April, 2007.

21. The Tragedy of the Nordish Peoples -- An overview of the existential crisis overtaking the Nordish peoples, discussing and analyzing the causes and the future consequences of current trends, and the prospects for an alternative course that would preserve Nordish racial existence. Added June, 2007.



Interview -- A wide-ranging interview conducted with European correspondents over the internet in October, 1998 answers many frequently asked questions about racial preservationism and discusses the world-wide Nordish racial crisis

Racial Preservation: Issues and Answers -- Correspondence, commentary and discussion on the issues, questions, problems and challenges frequently encountered by proponents of racial preservation and independence

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